Androsia Wilde [she/her] is the perfect tropical cocktail - a generous pour of burlesque's glitz and tease, splashed with the intoxicating and rhythmic flavours of The Bahamas. This Daughter of Starlight and Seafoam's performing journey spans over 3,000 miles- from the Island Paradise of her birth, to the Pacific Northwest she now calls 'home', and has taken her through the realms of alternative modeling, martial arts, immersive theatre, acting for television, and dance.

Her burlesque career started in May 2014 with her much-lauded debut as the 'yummy' scoundrel Lando Calrissian in Geekenders' initial production of "The Empire Strips Back", and has since set stages ablaze across the province such as 2017's Shambhala Music Festival, and the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival. Her performances are the epitome of Black Girl Magic and Joy, deftly combining her love of pop-culture with the personal pride in her Afro-Caribbean heritage - captivating and enthralling audiences alike with her dazzling smile, confident musicality, and grounding stage presence.

After being described by virtually every teacher she's ever had as a 'charismatic chatterbox', Androsia brings her signature enthusiasm and confidence to the mic as an Event Emcee. With her love of a good quip, a better story, and never missing a moment to drop some knowledge, Androsia's goals are to hype up the crowd and make the cast + crew of any show feel seen, loved, and exalted.

Off-stage, Androsia works to amplify the voices and presence of Black, Indigenous, and other Performers of Color in all facets of the burlesque community as an event producer, space facilitator, and instructor.

About Androsia

Established in 2020, Diasporic Dynasty is a Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Color (#BIPOC) performing collective, aiming to champion and uplift the stories of BIPOC within the Vancouver Performing Arts communities. Comprised of burlesque and drag performers who have performed around the province over the past decade - thus, our practice largely centers on movement, striptease, and satire while celebrating the diversity in our voices and paths.
‚Äč"Diasporic Dynasty" represents two Truths: ‚Äčthat collectively we are the descendants of those that have been scattered and displaced by colonialism, and that *also* collectively, we are the descendants of mighty and magnificent peoples.

Androsia is one of the co-founders of Diasporic Dynasty, primarily lending her skills behind-the-scenes in the name of creating BIPOC spaces and performance opportunities that are FUBU - For Us, By Us.

Diasporic Dynasty

Androsia is one of the co-founders of Diasporic Dynasty- 'Vancouver's premiere BIPOC Performing Collective - lending her skills behind the scenes as event producer and coordinator in the name of creating BIPOC-centric spaces and performance opportunities.

Showpony Studio Society is the nonprofit organization responsible for the studio rehearsal space, Showpony Studio. Initially a coalition effort by Geekenders, Diasporic Dynasty and Virago Nation formed to keep a long-standing resource within the burlesque community, the space now operates as a financially-accessible rental option for any performing artist looking for a safe place to hone their craft, as well as a venue for community-centric workshops, classes, and gatherings. Yearly memberships grant discounted rental fees, with sponsored memberships available to BIPOC and/or 2SLGBTQIA+ individuals.

Androsia is one of the co-founding Board members, and currently serves as President of Showpony Studio Society. 

Showpony Studio Society

Androsia is President and Co-founder of Showpony Studio Society, a nonprofit organization that manages a community-focused, financially accessible rental space for rehearsals, workshops, classes, and gatherings.

The premiere burlesque company for classes, workshops, stagette parties, privates coachings and personal development, founded by Cherry OnTop, Ariel Helvetica, and Lola Frost. From intro explorations into burlesque, to more intensive offerings covering a range of movement styles, genres and philosophies, prospective students are able to take part in drop-in classes/workshops, 8-week progressive courses that lead to a Student Showcase at the end of each semester, or 12-week Act Development courses to develop a signature act under the mentorship of one of the Company's co-founders.

Androsia has been a member of the VBC Faculty since Fall 2020, with her signature workshop  'Island Gyal Fit' + 'Buss A Whine!', and the 8-week performance progressive, 'Island Gyal Flow'.

Vancouver Burlesque Co.

Androsia has been a member of the VBC Faculty since Fall 2020, with her signature workshop offerings 'Island Gyal Fit' + 'Buss A Whine!', as well as the 8-week progressive, 'Island Gyal Flow'.

Formed in 2013, Omnika In Motion is a multidisciplinary performance collective that liberates imaginations with bizzare theatrics and the infinite exploration of movement. The various members of Omnika blend their varied disciplines -from contemporary, jazz, whacking, cirque, fusion 'bellydance', and more- to craft unique and evocative experiences through the shared language of dance, where every member's voice, vision, culture and identity is valued throughout the creation process.

Androsia has been a member of this collective since 2017, most notably helping bring their 5-year anniversary show 'Echoes' to life.

Omnika In Motion

Androsia has been a member of this multidisciplinary performance collective since 2017, most notably helping to bring their 5-year anniversary show 'Echoes' to life at Shambahla Music Festival and Vancouver's Rickshaw Theatre.

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